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P O Box 669 - Luray, VA  22835
Taking Kare of People Farm
Kaufmann Foundation
Critter Park

Approved for Community Service
IRS Approved Educational and Charitable Organiztion
Tax ID 076992672

ABC Learning Park
Critter Park Friends and  Volunteers in Action

Frogs are one of our favorite friends here -
they play leap frog and waltz cheek to cheek for us early mornings

This is Kermit - He keeps flys away and waltzs with his honey every morning cheek to cheekPlanting Trees

Our friends in the pond help us keep the flies away - they love to waltz and play leap frog             Look who's Planting Trees - Our hard working Landscaping Crew

Honor Roll Show OffsPutting in windows

Michael and Anthony Showing Off their Study Buddy Certificates as Volunteers on Critter park                            Bruce and his helper Putting In Windows

Loading more lumber for Wellness HouseTaking Kare of Critters

Loading More Lumber for Wellness House in Luray         Look Who's loving on puppy Shih-Tzu in Buba really likes his Black Shih-Tzu at BluLuray Virginia

Buba's Favorite babyPracticing Banging for the real job coming up
e house in luray VA Mentoring and
PMentoring and Teaching Job Skills, Honor, Respect, Discipline, Team Work - and Helping People  Make Better Choices In Life Starts with Helping People Feel Better About Themselves.

Starting Young - Practicing Jobs of Screwing Wood Screws for the real job coming up

Volunteers Needed

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