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A Better Choice Foundation - Eldership Living

A Better Choice Foundation was established 1994 to help people get back to the basics of life and address the Heritage of Cultures and our ancestors  that they feel will also meet many of the needs of Young people and our elders that are our culture is facing so many crisis with what to do with in our current day.

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Kaufmann Foundation and
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The Founders Steve and Bonnie Kaufmann have invested most of their time to with story telling using the radio, newspapers, workshops, writing books and presenting workshops to inform and build a network of innovative and informed individuals that will also commit to addressing needs of our youth, the elderly disabled and their families. They are currently developing a learning park to share with everyone that will come to learn about getting back to the basics of life - our roots and where we come from and making better choices in life. 

It is their quest to develop many communities and villages where people can feel safe and get back to basics with what they call eldership living.  The way all cultures use to live many generations ago - passing their heritage's to the next generation with honor, respect and integrity from where they came from and what they stood for from their roots and what their ancestors taught them.

Established by Stephen and Bonnie Kaufmann, the Foundation seeks to establish programs each year to support efforts that:

Enable and empower individuals with more self respect, with more self esteem, self sufficient, and have more confidence to make better decisions and choices in life. For older adults to live at home or closer to family and loved ones in a setting that will enable independent living to the extent possible so they won't have to end up in institutional dwellings in their most precious years when they have the most to offer to the youth with the wisdom glue - strength and comfort they can bring to the family of today.

The Kaufmanns believe that to get back to the basics is the best way we can all start to Improve the quality of life and care for our youth and especially the elders that do not belong at a hospital or a assisted residential or nursing home in many cases.  The family always planned and expected to care for the aging parents and the youth helped to care for them and family took care of family.

 To the extent we can get back to the basics and start to acknowledge, the value of the loss of respect and honor the value of our elders in our society have to offer us and start more programs that can  encourage our communities to connect more with our elderly to get them more involved to serve our youth and children and get elders to also get more involved and aware of how much we need them to continue to be involved for the need of our youth and community - then we will see our culture and society can start to make a turn so much for the better for all.   

It is the goal of A Better Choice Foundation not to depend on the government to take care of us. It is up to the family to take care of our own.

A Better Choice Foundation  is committed to Increase public education, understanding and awareness of the needs of our elders and our Youth and communities to prepare all ages for the changes as our demographics change towards a more mature population as we enter into the 21st Century.

We also live in a day of unexpected terrorism at any moment - not knowing if our modern day conveniences such as water, heat or shelter may be something we might lose and we need leaders in our communities that know how to help others not to panic and be prepared prepare should their need to be sudden steps to take care of people in our neighborhoods and for safe shelter.

Getting back to basics has been our goal to help people find and know their  place in life.

A Better Choice Foundation and Taking Care of People Learning Park is a place where people can can go and find a safe environment to learn, have fun, phase  into an environment and go at their own pace and learn what they want how they want without feeling abandoned in the forest.  They can stay in a dwelling or a Tee Pee. 

They Can visit for a day or a month and perhaps learn more than we could teach them as they seek their own journey on their own in an environment that allows them peace and quiet and time to think, pray, rest and seek out what they come to learn at their own pace at Taking Care of People Learning Park.

We provide the natural habitat, peace and safety with a setting of history as we can try to re-create it as natural and  peaceful and quiet as we can.

We let the wind, critters and nature provide the rest


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