A Better Choice Foundation
Providing windows of opportunities to
protect and improve our quality of life

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 Mission of A Better Choice Foundation

Helping people with solutions to problems - Providing education, information
and planning for taking care of their business. Helping elders plan and deal with
changes in their lives. Help young people to better understand and respect elders,
community, and the value of honor and ethics.  To help individuals
grow to become more self-sufficient and improve their quality of life.

Providing learning and skill development opportunities in a nature,
critter park environment - helping people get back to basics.

While providing a platform to encourage seniors and young people to work
together to help each other provide a better quality of life for today and tomorrow.

Providing projects to help bring families together and
build closer and better relationships of appreciation and trust for
each other and for generations to come.


P O Box 669
5 Learning Park Lane
Luray, VA  22835
Phone: (540) 743-2664 / 800 232 8570
9-5 Eastern time
Fax: 703 995 0320



1994 Mission Statement
To provide opportunities, ways and a means for education, awareness, protection,
support and resources for a better quality of life today and tomorrow.
To also provide special programs for those persons that find it more difficult to obtain
solutions to improve their quality of life.

To help recognize and prevent the subtle and obvious abuses and neglect to our community -
including the people, our way of life and our environment.

A Better Choice Foundation is dedicated to helping individuals and families improve, maintain and
protect their quality of life today and  for all generations.

A Better Choice Foundation was originally founded in 1994 to
provide awareness and quality of life, legal and financial educational programs
on many areas that effect our society and culture.

Emphasis is also put on including protecting the more vulnerable and
likely members of our society that tend to be overlooked, neglected and/or abused.

 Many persons of our society become victims when they become more vulnerable and susceptible to
subtle and obvious neglect or abuses beyond their control due to lack of awareness, knowledge or support.
It is the goal of A Better Choice Foundation to serve the different generations,
recognizing their special needs and to provide either the opportunity, way, or means for or solutions.
Many persons just need assistance with public awareness and advocacy to get the necessary
attention for action. Other persons need pro-action for the youth, elderly and/or  disabled persons within their own communities.

A Better Choice Foundation is dedicated to providing
public awareness  and/ solutions. Emphasis is put on the appreciation for the special needs and qualities
each individual has and also brings to our society.

A Better Choice Foundation is working to provide educational programs, help to build and promote bridges
to close the gaps to aid towards a more healthy and trusting relationships between different people,
cultures and generations. The Goal is to ultimately bring about the education, information, support and teachings
necessary to help understand, honor, respect and protect the youth, elderly, women and families.
To help persons to become more self sufficient, empowered and informed to make good choices and informed decisions.
The hope is that respect for others and persons own self-respect will increase as the society strives to work and grow together.
We want to work towards helping all persons more fully respect, appreciate and desire to work towards
a better quality of life for all.... especially to include the disadvantaged - for a more secure, fair and healthy quality of life and democracy.

A Better Choice Foundation
Providing windows of opportunities to
protect and improve our quality of life
P O Box 669 - 5 Learning Park Lane - Luray, VA  22835
[Contact] 800 743 6077

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