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Elders and Youth Living together for
Recreation and Dedication to
Taking Care of People.org
Building In a Natural Habitat, Learning and
Appreciating and Sharing our Local History In our Community
Luray, VA 22835
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Helping To Provide a Window of
Opportunities to
Protect and
Improve Our
Quality of Life

Volunteer Services and Construction Provided by
Taking Care of People Volunteers

A Better Choice Lifestyle

Not a Place Where People Retire - But instead to Be Inspired...
and not live tired!

Solar Home Building Lots for Sale Soon In
Private Recreational Educational
Learning and History Park

Learning and History Park Planned and Sponsored by

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Volume 1, Issue 072004      Learning Park Newsletter for Wellness, Education and Planning Center

August 2004

A Better Choice Foundation

Press Release and


Planned Taking Care of People Community Living:
Planning a Lifestyle of Taking Care of People  Living, Sharing and Giving of Your Knowledge and Experience
For Generations to Come in a Living,
Learning and Educational Park and Community

Compared to
Traditional  Communities


A Better Choice
Taking Care Of People @ critterpark.com

  Therapy for special needs persons with the animals

ABC Learning Park Has many critters large and small to help you relax.

ABC Foundation - Critter,
Learning and History Park
Providing A Window of Opportunities to Protect and Improve Our Quality of Life

Come join us for a relaxing
lifestyle or a weekend get away
leaving the stress behind

Wellness House Swimming Pool
Here at the Wellness House, we all are striving to make you feel at home and forget all the stress of life outside the learning park.

critters of all kinds

Let your imagination grow wild. From bears to monkeys to a monster at the lake and lion on a hill. Here, we have things to do for all ages.

A Better Choice Foundation

Quick Links...

What The Learning
Park Is Not:
It's not a cement and pavement housing nor a Retirement Community
not a Resort, nor a Country Club Community.  It's not for people
looking to mind their own business nor retire on a golf course

What The Learning Park Is:
Where People Come to
Live and To Visit -
Reach Out To
Take Care of Each Other
and plan to share their
knowledge and experience.
Gather To exchange
ideas and concepts.
Elders reaching out to the youth
and young people Striving to continuously
build and support a
caring and learning community,
in a living environment that includes a recreational Park and
Natural Habitat -
with a duffers course on a
Taking Care of People
Farm and village setting.

Closed Gated Community Setting
With a Lifestyle for
Young family and Eldership Living
and Reaching Out To
Take Care of Each Other

TCP Planned Young Family and Eldership Community Development is to Provide A Safe Environment and Lifestyle of Continuous Learning With A Life of Research and Development Towards Helping Young People - and Elders Within A Natural Habitat Park and Study Camp Environment
To Provide A Window Of Opportunities
For  A Better Choice Living
To Protect and
Improve Our Quality Of Life.

Do you want to join us and bang some nails?
If you want to be a part of our
TCP Planned Eldership Living Project,

Join Our Mailing List

               Old Ice House - Serenity Get Away

 Come see what we are up to. Exciting things are happening as we develop the Taking Care of People Closed Gate Community Learning Park. Our Natural Habitat invites people and critters alike that enjoy the simple things in life and getting back to basics. Located in Page County, Luray, Virginia within 2 hours drive of Washington DC.

We offer week-end Get-away packages with lots of stuff to do and see. Our thirty acres park provides a place to get-away, Rest and Restore and/ or, Swimming, Hiking, Bird Watching, Golfing, Kite Flying. Within fifteen minutes drive is Water Fall Exploring, Mountain Hiking, Fishing, Canoeing, paddle boats on the lake. So what are you waiting for, call 1 888 865 2612.

Come One Come All

Lions, Tigers and BearsEveryone is invited here to the learning park. Big or Small two legged or four legged, elders and the young. Elders are a big part of our learning park with the vast knowledge and experience they bring to younger people. Here everyone can reminisce, grow to appreciate and send quality time with different people of all kinds.

More Coming Soon With
The Virtual Learning Park

The Learning Park's affect on your Well Being

         Golf or Swim

Do you want the best for your mind, body and soul? So do we! ABC Learning Park offers full body exercise such as duffers golfing, swimming and hiking. We also offer full body therapy by a professional massager. You deserve the very best and we work hard to achieve that goal.

Here Everyone Helps Everyone

Taking Care of CrittersHere at the Learning Park everyone gets involved.  We are all about Taking Care of People and taking Care of Critters in a
natural habitat - getting back to basics.

Getting Back To Basics

New Book Release

  The Old Fashioned
Story Telling!

Interesting Reading

Story Sharing and Well-being
Books, Chapters and Monographs
by Howard Thorsheim & Bruce Roberts
Dr. Howard Thorsheim

 Are you looking for a bundle of
LOVE to give someone?
New Arrivals with our Special Shih-tzu family
  Ask about the
Shit Tzu for Seniors and Special Families Program
Email for more information:
Proceeds support the Learning Park  

email: sjk@abclaw.com

phone: 540 743 2664 800 232 6465

web: http://kaufmannfoundation.com

Taking Care of People Project in Luray VA
Building a Community for Young Families and
Elders In a Natural Habitat , Learning and appreciation for Local History Setting

Kaufmann Foundation - also known as A Better Choice Foundation
Providing an environment for persons to make better choices in life.

This project - A Better Choice, Taking Care of People @ critterpark.com also known as the
TCP project:
Environmental development for young and elder persons to secure a safe living environment within a closed gate community that includes learning, recreational, wellness and a natural habitat environment for young and elders to plan a lifestyle to learn from each other - live together and take Care of each other with the goal to strive to build more respect, honor, appreciation, understanding and caring for others - to set example for other projects for young and the aging population in our society - seeking A Better Choice LifeStyle planning for more TCP small  community development projects in the future.

Volunteers, Funds, and Professional Services Required for next phases of
present scope of planning includes but is not limited to:

Environmental Protection Planning for Residential Development
keeping within and to protect a Natural Habitat
Wetlands Protection Planning
Soil and Erosion Planning
Site Development Planning
Build/Design Plans for Handicap Accessible Dwellings
Construction Management During Development
Public Relations and Marketing
Possible Grant Proposals Research an development
Social Work Needs Analysis for Community Facility Needs
Internet Web site Development and Virtual Learning Park Designing

Part of the scope of this project is to bring various professionals and disciplines
together for students and others in the community to share information and work together
along side the local community young persons and professionals.

If you want to be a part or want to visit us, just drop us a line.mailto:bk@shentel.net

Bonnie Kaufmann