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Welcome to Critter Park

We welcome young persons, families and pesons dealing with issues that need a safe place to
get away and heal, get some mentoring, work off some anger or just be around good people that care.

Critter Park is a park that has Eldership Living Programs - where Elders spend time with younger people -
Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring, Working along side by side with farming, building, and many other kinds of projects.

Community Service and Respecting the real meaning of Honor and
Self Discipline and Taking Kare of People and Critters and Business is the goal of A B C Learning Park.

Live wildlife scenes with Critters and Birds coming soon via Web Camera
BEWARE: Keep  a look out for Topiary Zoo Critters running loose with wild and funny looking fur.

Looking to have your own critter - call us @ 800 743 6077
Retail and wholesale orders available through the Learning Center -
Email Us @ critters@kaufmannfoundation.com
For photos of other available critters visit Here

2004 projects include the Wellness House Construction Project

Major renovations, addition, and upgrading of the Wellness House is currently under way.
The Wellness House will provide Wellness facilities such as spa, pool and therapy room,
Community Learning and meeting room,  Worship and Private Conference facility.
Most of the renovations involve building ramps and decks to accommodate
assembly use and
special needs and handicap access.  Also available at the Wellness House is a
special therapy room,  for massage and wheel chair shower room.
The Wellness house will also soon be equipped for a group dining facility
and group meeting rooms, with
group sleeping quarters, private small and moderate assembly facilities with privacy in beautiful setting with
fantastic views and trails  - located just below the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Skyline Drive in Luray, Page County VA.

Have you been hearing rumors about the
Learning Park that use to be the OUT BACK?
Have you heard it called the Learning Park with the Natural Habitat or
"A Better Choice Learning Park"
also known as the Taking Kare of People  Farm?
or maybe you heard about a community
being developed at the  
Taking Kare of People Learning Park and Community?
Maybe you heard about people learning to build their own home?
Did you hear that young persons would be taking kare of Elders?
Humm....  Come back soon to see if they're true...
We're up to a lot of planning - and looking forward to working with University
students in Virginia - and seeing how our Learning Park develops with
time and people wanting to develop a better life for today and tomorrow.
Keep checking in for more updates.

Please send inquires and support  to P O Box 669 - Luray, VA  22835

Photos of Old Ice House Renovation Project completed 2002

Current Research and Development for Projects include -
Soil and Erosion and Site development plans - being considered for the Learning Park that include a
Duffers Course, Wetland areas, Horse and walking trails, Critter House Observatories,
Wireless Internet Study and Meeting Cabins, Conference and Library Facility,
Wild Flower Meadow,  Wellness House and Therapy Spas and Swimming Pool(s).

2004 TKP Farm is being considered for development for
an Independent Living Residential Community

More information coming soon  - 30 acres of natural habitat
is being developed into a closed gated residential community for

Elders and Young families to live together - Getting Back to Basics,
Learning and Living and Taking Kare of each other - at the
Taking Kare of People Farm and Learning Park Community.
Plans are underway in partnership with local university students to develop a
Pilot Learning and Living Residential Natural Habitat and Park Community -
Focused on creating an environment for a better choice for a better quality of life.
TKP project is committed to developing and maintaining a natural habitat and
residential community for elders to feel safe and
depend on younger neighbors community based supervised care - and youth to
depend on elders for guidance, education, opportunity,  and support without being a burden on
each other or the government  with the goal to improve and
protect our quality of life - taking kare of each other and getting back to basics.

Learning Center Project Partners

ABC LAW     TKB     ABCLifeStyles.com    CEPP- EPI

The Learning Center has many projects currently under way -
we appreciate your patience.
Any volunteer labor and plant and tree donations are greatly appreciated: Needed - Web Site Administrator, Carpenters,
ground cover and perennial plants, landscape and garden helpers, tree trimmers, excavation machinery and operators and any
labor help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Photos of Old Ice House Renovation Project completed 2002

Providing a window of opportunities to
protect and improve our quality of life
Volunteers Needed
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Thank You In Advance For Your Prayers, Gifts,
Farming and Heavy Equipment, Trees, Plants and Muscle Contributions!

A Better Choice Foundation - Learning Center Photos
See what We're Up To!

Surveying for sewage lines,  Steve helps with the math, Lee has it figured out,  Now Lee is explaining to everyone Bonnie is confirming with code
Philip starts to dig,  Bonnie helps out on the trencherComing out of the 12 ft ditch
Trenches to remind us how deep we really did go Deeper yet... And the red tape for the electric lines
Old Ice House Renovation Before renovations   Have to get rid of the graffiti with new insulation paint with Harry Williams and Jason  Jason peeking out of the barn door replaced with a window and air conditioner   Upstairs barn of Old Ice House with new patio window overlooking beautiful Skyline Drive in Luray, VA   Old Ice House Rock Foundation being framed up for dry wall.   Carpet on the floor - we cam a long ways      Rust Grip Paint to protect basket ball pole

  Justin helping his Daddy Jason put up a fence at learning Center

Shi-Tzu Puppies are trained for Seniors and handicapped persons.
All the pets are used for training and therapy and also sold to special persons as projects from the
young and old persons that help love, train and groom and devevlop the social skills of the animals on critter park
to better understand how discipline is so important and why we need to respect rules and how
rules and discipline make harmony - that make people have more fun in life.

Want to get involved - there are lots of ways....

For more Information on how you can get involved -
Please call 1 888 865 2612
email: bk@critterpark.com

Charitable Gifting Appreciated -
Gift Planning Legal Services
 at No Charge

Mail all correspondence to:
Learning Park - P O Box 669
5 Learning Park - Luray, VA 22835

Thank You In Advance For Your Prayers, Gifts,
Plants and Muscle Contributions!

A Better Choice Foundation
Providing a window of opportunities to
protect and improve our quality of life

Volunteers Needed

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