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Edward 'Ed' P. Helvey, Jr.


Biographical Information

July 2000


 Background & Education

Born March 29, 1945 in Passaic, NJ, grew up in Clifton, NJ, left in 1967. Graduated from Clifton High School, 1963 Graduated Montclair State College, Montclair, NJ, 1967, B.A. in Education (Industrial Arts) Graduated Newhouse School of Communication at Syracuse University in 1970 (course work completed 1968)  

M.S. in Radio and Television


21 year old son, Edward P. Helvey, III

Entrepreneurial Background

Mr. Helvey has always been an entrepreneur.  Beginning as an independent newspaper boy, Mr. Helvey has been in business for himself continuously since high school.  His business experience gives him a working, hands on knowledge of starting businesses, budgeting, capitalizing, day to day administration and management, plant and facility design, purchasing, personnel, production, marketing and sales.

  Communication, Audio and Radio Experience

Professional experience in the communications field include all facets of the recording industry including music and spoken word information and educational products.  He has written, produced, directed, been talent in and engineer of thousands of hours of audio programming for distribution on audio cassettes or through radio broadcasting.  He has been involved in professional sound design and delivery of sound in large and small theaters, auditoriums, civic arenas and other places where high quality sound reinforcement for lectures and performing arts was required.  His work has brought him in professional contact with numerous celebrity entertainers, performing groups, lecturers, trainers and best selling authors.  He has designed, owned and operated several professional studios and done thousands of hours of "location" recordings in diverse situations.

            Mr. Helvey became involved in the production and high-speed duplication of audio cassette products during the infancy (1968/69) of the cassette industry.  He has owned high-speed duplication companies that have produced reel to reel (for national and international broadcast), 8 track cartridge and cassette duplicates.  He has also produced and coordinated the manufacture of scores of custom phonograph albums.

Audio-Visual & Video Production Experience  

            He is experienced in the audio/visual and video production areas.  He has been involved in the production of industrial and educational video programs as well as programs for broadcast and cable tv distribution.  He can write, produce and direct video productions as well as provide voice-over talent for various kinds of programs.  He is familiar with current video production technology, equipment and techniques.

            His audio/visual knowledge spans the use of most currently available audio-visual techniques and equipment.  His companies have produced everything from simple 35mm slide/sound shows to multi-image, multi-media presentations.

  Graphic Arts Experience

            Mr. Helvey has a hands on, working knowledge of the graphic arts industry.  His experience includes printing and he has been involved in the creative and production processes of hundreds of brochures, booklets, record and cassette packages and other printed materials.  He also has extensive experience in developing and copywriting direct mail materials including letters, brochures, stuffers, self-mailers, envelopes, etc.  His experience in advertising includes radio, tv, magazine, newspaper, display/classified and direct mail advertising.

  Publishing Experience

            Mr. Helvey is currently the CEO of Quantum Business Concepts, Inc. and Co-Publisher of Oakhill Press, the book publishing company acquired by Quantum Business Concepts, Inc. in early 1999.  Oakhill Press specializes in publishing business and self-help books distributed and sold domestically and internationally through recognized trade book channels including the major chain bookstores, independent bookstores, online booksellers like Amazon.com, libraries, book clubs, specialty catalogs, bulk sales to various clients and through sales of books by the authors during speaking, training and consulting assignments.  Oakhill Press currently has approximately 30 books in its catalog or under publishing contract.  Calling on Mr. Helvey’s prior experience, Oakhill Press will be adding audio and video publishing to its current catalog of books.

  Additional Skills & Experiences

            Over the past 25 years Mr. Helvey’s clients have included the entertainment industry, corporations, government agencies (including military), associations of all sizes, educational institutions, healthcare organizations and religious organizations.  He has been involved in the international distribution of various products including his trademarked Successtrax cassette series.

            Additional skills Mr. Helvey has acquired as by-products of his other experiences include planning and managing meetings of various sizes.  For six years during the late 80's and early 90's, he was involved in the behind the scenes operation of between 25 and 30 healthcare and related meetings, conferences or symposia each year.  Mr. Helvey was quite involved with the healthcare industry and especially the healthcare marketing industry.  He gained a substantial amount of knowledge of the problems, challenges and needs of healthcare organizations ranging from the physician in private practice to the large, multi-hospital institutions.

            He is also a professional speaker and seminar facilitator with experience in presenting seminars and workshops internationally.  He is a 20 year member of the National Speakers Association and a founding member of the National Capital Speakers Association.  His experience qualifies him to speak on a wide range of topics.

He was also a member of the Audio Engineering Society for 17 years (1966-1983).

            Mr. Helvey has been listed in Who's Who in the East.

  Professional Network and Resources

            Mr. Helvey maintains a network of professional associates in various areas of his expertise, who are available when their expertise is required.  He maintains his own, professional digital audio production studio where he creates products for himself and other lecturers and trainers.  He is the Technical Consultant for a 16 track digital project recording studio in Front Royal, VA that he designed and supervised construction of and supervises operation of currently.  He also has industrial and broadcast quality, video production facilities available through several of his associates.




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