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Please send donations to P O Box 669 - Luray, VA  22835

Welcome to our Critter Park
Critter Photos
take time to download Thanks for patience

We have many projects currently under way - we appreciate your patience.
Any volunteer labor and plant and tree donations are greatly appreciated: Needed - Web Site Administrator, Carpenters,
ground cover and perennial plants, landscape and garden helpers, tree trimmers, excavation machinery and operators and any
labor help you can offer is greatly appreciated.

Want to get involved - there are lots of ways....
We need tree planting muscles, gardeners, tractor, Bob cat,
Trench digger, flower and other seeds, trees, shrubs, tree cutting,
teachers, critter care takers, and any donations.

IRS 5031C Approved Foundation -
all donations are tax deductible

For more Information on how you can get involved -
Please call: 540 743 2664 or
1 888 865 2612
email: bk@shentel.net

Anyone Offering Charitable Gifts - Estate Planning Legal
Services Provided at No Charge

Mail all correspondence to:
OUT BACK Natural Habitat Learning Center
Please send gifts to P O Box 669
5 Learning Park - Luray, VA  22835

Thank You In Advance For Your Prayers, Gifts,
Plants and Muscle Contributions!

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protect and improve our quality of life

Volunteers Needed

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