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Bonnie L. Kaufmann
Executive Director of 
A Better Choice Foundation
P O Box 669
Luray, VA  22835
 1 800 232 8570
9-5 EST 540 743 2664

Director of Planning and Development with The A Better Choice Foundation, formerly The Kaufmann Foundation. Providing resources, education and information for persons seeking assistance and direction with difficult decisions in life involving protecting their quality of life, their livelihood, legal, career,  health care, family and financial decisions through the different phases of life for themselves and their loved ones.

Bonnie Kaufmann is a legal assistant to Stephen Kaufmann with the law office A Better Choice Elder Law, Retirement and Estate Planning Center. President of Heritage Planning Group, as an insurance consultant working with other insurance advisors providing products and services for their clients.

She is mostly known for her public service work on a regular basis with education programs through A Better Choice Foundation, The Estate Planning Institute and the law firm ABC LAW. She researches and addresses issues that effect peoples personal privacy, liberties, health care, legal-financial, retirement, financial and long term care matters. She is the host of the radio program The Law and Your Money which is aired on the web site abclaw.com and other various radio programs throughout the US upon request.

Her background includes being the only daughter raised in a home of carpenters in the metropolitan DC area. There she grew up in the late 60's and early 70's while going to school as a minority caucasian during the troubled times due to segregation battles and drugs in the schools. During that time she maintained her status of leadership and respect among her peers as a sports team captain. She was chosen and trained at Maryland University and became the first professionally trained peer conflict and drug counselor for the State's pilot school drug prevention program as a high school student for her peers.

She later married and soon after became a single parent in the early 1970's. She also had the misfortune of becoming disabled by an accident. During a 5 year recovery, she started a cleaning business out of her hospital bed that quickly grew into a residential construction company, then grew to become a commercial construction consulting company.

For health reasons in the mid 1980's , she moved to Luray VA to continue to raise her 2 sons as she free lanced as a construction consultant. She went back to school full time to learn computer technology and communications and started steps to change her career into the insurance industry. During that time she was contracted by a local county school system to help administrate federal programs for the school system. Soon after she was requested to spear head and develop the Job Training Partnership Act program for that county. Her duties included working with many local and state governmental agencies, businesses, schools, single parents and juvenile agencies dealing with troubled youth. She became very well known in that community in the late 1980's as a role model for women. During this time she also continued various apartment building construction projects for low income housing for disadvantaged persons.

It soon became her goal in life to reach and implement programs to help persons that have difficulties in life to over come and grow into responsible self sufficient citizens. She is committed to helping people make better informed and educated decisions younger in life rather than un-responsible crisis reaction decisions that usually become bad decisions in life.

This desire also soon developed into a deep interest and involvement of estate planning practices and services for the middle income families. It became her mission to help people understand the importance of making good insurance, financial and legal decisions young in life or as soon as possible. She has since concentrated on educating people about all the various aspects of legal-financial, insurance, retirement and long term care and important estate planning matters that effect a persons destiny in life.

She met Stephen J. Kaufmann in 1994 and soon after married. They live in Luray, VA and together have 5 sons ranging 16 and 29. Together they have established The Estate Planning Institute. They write educational programs, and professional courses together for lay persons and professionals. They are also the founders of the CEPP professional designation program, Chartered Estate Planning Practitioner self study program for social service workers, attorneys, bankers, life and health and property casualty agents, financial advisors and other professionals that advise persons on a daily basis on financial, health care, insurance and/or legal matters.

Bonnie Kaufmann has since dedicated her career to helping people understand the importance of knowing how to manage their personal matters and taking charge of their lives early and planning for their goals in life as soon as they can for a successful and happy life today and most especially for their later years.

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